Is the premium markup of a used car dealer really worth more than a private seller’s? Compare the pros and cons of both.

Car shoppers who are looking for the best deals on used cars have a lot to think about before driving off into the sunset with their new vehicle. Private sales and dealer lot sales are two different types of transactions. Knowing how they differ will help used car buyers with a budget make an informed decision about where they will go to make their next purchase.

Kelley Blue Book Classifications

Vehicle pricing resources like the one found on Kelley Blue Book’s web site suggest a number of values based on the car’s make/model, year and condition. Users enter information about the car and the system proffers a number of prices. These prices are “dealer’s suggested price” and “private party value.” The two prices differ because of how used dealerships generally work.

Used Car Dealer

One of the prime reasons that dealer values are higher is because of the process figured into selling a car. A used car dealer typically pays for detailed inspections of incoming stock, and even refurbishes previously enjoyed cars with interior upgrades and new parts before putting them on the lot. Customers of reputable companies know they are getting cars that have gone through the lot technician’s scrutiny. They get no such treatment from a private party seller, where someone with a title is just seeking to get rid of their vehicle for a profit.

A used car dealer also has the power, and obligation in some cases, to add warranties, which makes the sale more valuable.


Auto financing may factor into a car’s overall value at a dealership. Financing is increasingly popular in today’s auto market. It gives buyers the ability to walk away with products they otherwise couldn’t afford. Not everyone has $10,000 on hand to make a purchase with. As a result, dealerships have become effective brokers between shoppers and banks or other financial firms. Some actually offer their own financing, but according to some experts, this is less common than the seller acting as a third-party solicitor for a loan.

Dealer Markup

Some customers have issues with financing their vehicle through a third-party. In some cases this is called a dealer markup or dealer reserve, while some call it “padding the deal.” Keep in mind that markups give buyers leverage during price negotiations. The lot has already secured the money, the buyer wants the car, and the seller is going to do just about anything to close the deal, sans losing money. Bidding slightly lower than the financed price is a good place to start. For example, if you’re approved for $7,000, start your buying price at $5 or $6k. Additionally, you might consider bringing along a bidding specialist if you know of one.

How To Get The Car You Want, Cheap

Sometimes people opt for private sellers simply because “the price is right.” Sure, you might find the car you want listed slightly lower than expected, but private sellers don’t have to worry about things like reputation, maintaining favorable public perceptions, and trust. Buying private can be a real gamble.

Think about the aforementioned details before purchasing your next vehicle.

Ready to rent a car for your next trip? Follow these top 10 tips on car rentals before you book your next car. These tips will help save you money.

Top 10 Tips On Car Rentals

1. Do you really need transportation?

Are you planning on staying at a resort? Do you need a car once you arrive at the resort? You may be better off getting transportation to the resort and not renting a car.

2. Rent the vehicle only on days it’s needed

If you only plan to drive out of town for a day, only rent the car for the day rather than the entire vacation. If you’re staying in the city, generally you can rent a car from hotels for the day rather than from the airport for your entire stay.

3. Rent off the airport property

It is usually much cheaper to rent a car in town rather than the airport. The airport has additional fees that can be avoided by renting a car in town. Check with hotels in the area and find out where you can pick up a car for the day. If you rent the car at the end of your trip, plan on returning it at the airport, avoiding a transportation fee to get back to the airport.

4. Rent for a day trip and return it after hours

If you’re planning to take a day trip, pick the car up from a hotel in the city. Return the car after hours and avoid the second day rental as long as it’s returned before they open the next day. In addition, you’ll avoid paying overnight parking fees as well. Drop by the car rental in the morning and pick up your receipt or have them email it to you.

5. Search the web for coupons

Determine which car company you plan to use, then do a search for coupons and discounts that apply to that rental company. Typically, you just need the code. Once you have it, apply it to your car rental. Weekly car rental coupons typically can save you $25.00 – $30.00. That’s quite a discount on a weekly car rental.

6. Stay over a Saturday night

Car rentals often discount the rate for a Saturday night stay over. Most coupons only work when there is a Saturday night stay over. If you’re planning to rent a car from Sunday – Saturday, you might have a much better deal renting from Saturday – Friday.

7. Rent a smaller vehicle and request a free upgrade

Rent an economy or compact car and often they’ll tell you they just upgraded you to a larger vehicle. Rental car companies tend to have an overflow of the larger vehicles and will usually upgrade you without additional cost. Check with them to see if they’ll give you a free upgrade.

8. Don’t opt for them to refill your gas

Always choose the option to bring the car back full of gas. If you elect to have the car rental company fill the gas tank for you, you’re paying for a full tank, regardless of how much you’ve used. Most times your tank is not registering on empty as you pull in to the car rental to return the car.

9. Check with your insurance company for coverage

If you already have car insurance, it probably covers car rentals. Check with your car insurance and find out what your car rental coverage is. This could save you quite a bit if you’re already covered.

10. Check with your credit card company for coverage

Most major credit cards provide for car rental insurance. Read the fine print as some state the reservation and the payment must be made with the same credit card.

There are so many ways to save money on rentals. Consider renting a car at the beginning or end of your trip, allowing you to avoid transportation costs to or from the airport. Plan your day trip requiring a vehicle at the start or end of your trip, to avoid keeping the car for the entire vacation.

Rental car deals gain significant weight-age only when renters can hire it with better opportunities, taking care of the things, such as price, comfort, safety and the insurance policies under which the hire car can be covered. Luxury rental cars provide ample advantages to the renters. But the renters having no any prior experience of car hiring must lay stress on the following things while renting elegant cars for their pleasurable trip.

Comfort: The luxury vehicle that a renter chooses may not be equipped with all those equipment that a renter aspires for. For an instance, rental cars are not furnished with the equipment such as baby seats or seats for the elderly people. Renters must ask for it ahead of time so that they can get it easily. Renters will have to take care of the comfort features that they need for their trip. Also, enquiring about the air conditioner, music system or other comfortable features of the rental cars, while hiring it can get you a lot of advantages later.

Safety: Although most of the car rental customers are safety-obsessed yet they often commit a mistake of not considering the features that can give a higher degree of safety. Things like fire extinguishers, high-end braking system and doors for an easy exit and entry of the visitors are very necessary. Visitors must take a good care of these things at the time of renting of luxury cars.

Price: Customers must take care of the price and make sincere efforts to beat the rental car prices snatching out a suitable rental car deal. The price of the rental cars must be very affordable and match the needs of the customers. Renters must keep one thing in mind that the price of the hire cars may increase or decrease depending on its size and the number of seats the car.

Insurance policies: It must be taken care of to prevent the harrowing situations and not to pay a big amount towards breakdown or accident of hire cars. Policies such as Collision Damage waiver and Personal insurance policies may be suggested to take benefits of it, in the case of massive damages of the cars and loss of lives of the passengers in rental accidents.

Renters must keep the above-said things in mind while making the selection of luxury hire cars for long-term leasing. Taking good care of these things can lead the visitors on the way to get the best priced, safe and comfortable hire cars of their choice.

Which of the two are more environmentally friendly, or is there simply no definitive answer? Right now, there are many individuals that may quickly assume that food trucks are the worse of the two evils, given the national focus on how environmentally sustainable practices tie to modes of transportation.

However, sustainability is something that comes into play whenever a light is turned on, plastic is thrown into the garbage, dishes are washed, etc. Environmentally friendly (or harmful) practices do not start and stop with the key in the ignition, but they instead take place during and after all operating hours of a business – in a food trailer or in a traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant.

Let’s look at the factors that come into play during these businesses’ operations.

The location. As you know, catering trucks are mobile. They move from place to place, and thus leave a smaller footprint on where they’ve been. There’s little infrastructure, aside from the commercial kitchen, that needs to be maintained. And then there are restaurants. Restaurants have multiple large areas that must be illuminated, temperature-regulated and cleaned regularly. These physical entities exist all the time, not just during operating hours.

Energy Use. As mentioned above, a traditional restaurant’s physical location creates the need for electricity and natural gas to maintain comfortable temperatures, and to provide light for dining customers. In the kitchens, cooking is generally done with natural gas, and griddles and stoves are kept hot during the operating hours. According to the 2003 Commercial Building Energy Consumption Survey, most restaurants use 38.4kWh of electricity per square foot per year, which is approximately 77,000 kWh per year for a 2,000 ft2 restaurant.

Food trucks also require a heat source for cooking, so they typically use propane. During a year, an average food trailer will use about 900 gallons of propane a year, in addition to fuel requirements for driving around. Although this fuel is usually gasoline or diesel, catering trucks may also use vegetable oil or biodiesel. Furthermore, an onboard generator meets electricity needs. While generators are typically more polluting than grid-supplied electricity, food trailers demand less electricity and rely more on natural light.

Vehicle miles. Although restaurants can’t rack up miles traveling to customers, their customers are most likely traveling to get to these traditional eateries. In effect, a short trip by a food truck can often offset a number of small trips by customers that would have otherwise driven to a restaurant.

Waste. For the waste component in the food industry, it’s a tie between food trucks and restaurants. While some catering trucks are considered eco-friendly by using corn-based plastic, bagasse, or recycled paper takeout containers, they’re still creating wastes. In contrast, restaurants are able to use reusable plates, utensils and cups; however, take-out and fast food restaurants often rely heavily on take-out containers that are made of plastic and Styrofoam.

Is the winner clear yet? From this qualitative analysis, it’s obvious that mobile food stand usually produce less harmful environmental impacts. Of course, it is entirely possible that some restaurants will be more sustainable than other food trailers.

Remember, as a food truck owner you should take your customers’ concerns seriously. Your interest in environmental practices will retain loyal followers and attract new customers to your business.

For those who are unaware, mud trucks are those that are used for mud racing. Also called by the name of mud bogging, mud trucks have numerous types to suit the needs of different people. One can describe a mud truck as one hefty truck having much bigger wheels than the usual ones. They come with additional ridges on the wheels for the obvious reason of maintaining a firm grip on the mud. There are the monster trucks, 4 x 4 trucks and the usual lifted trucks running but mud trucks have their own unique characteristics and stand out among all of the mentioned categories. Handling of these trucks is not an easy task and requires special type of training first for the same.

A large section of the society has always been fascinated by racing events and the specially designed vehicles in it. For the very reason, numerous video games have also developed over the time related to mud racing and the player driving these. These trucks are one of those that have always attracted more and more people with its charismatic looks and only those who have actually driven it can describe the awesome feeling that comes while handling this amazing vehicle.

To talk about the technicalities of a usual mud truck, one would always find these painted in dazzling colors with different color combinations. The features of these types of trucks are unique and also include the state-of-the-art technology. The fact that not many people know is that these can be even driven by two people. The era of these trucks began long back and so, today’s mud truck manufacturers are well aware of the danger and risk associated with driving the same and take well care of the security of the driver. The reason that these require special training for driving is because of the fact that a mud truck can anytime lose its grip on the mud and turn upside down bringing in the security of the driver in danger.

For people who are keenly interested in buying one for them, internet comes as the best option. A mud truck enthusiast can search for websites having these trucks for sale. These websites not only display high resolution pictures of these trucks on sale but also display interesting videos and necessary and required facts and statistics these trucks. Furthermore, the customer gets to understand the technicalities of these compare prices and talk to experts for in-depth knowledge about the same through surfing various websites.

More and more people travel to Pakistan and especially to the capital Islamabad on business. While the public transportation network is vast, you will be better off relying on your own transport to ensure that you will not be late for meetings and other important events. It’s easy to rent a car in Pakistan to use during your stay in the country. Here are some essential tips to help you ensure that you will rent the right vehicle at an affordable price.

General Requirements

To rent a car in Pakistan, you will need an international driver’s license, also known as international driving permit (IDP), if you are a foreigner. You can obtain this license via the licensing authorities in your country before departure.

The minimum legal age for driving in Pakistan is 18 and this applies to foreign nationals who drive a rental car within the country. At the same time, many car rental companies in the country have a young driver requirement under which drivers who are under 25 years of age should pay higher charges corresponding to the risk which they pose. When approaching a service provider, you should check if they apply such charges.

Where to Find Rentals

Car rental companies operate in all major cities including Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore. They usually have offices at the international airports and the largest hotels popular with foreign business people and tourists. While you can rent a car directly at such an office, you may want to do it online in advance of your arrival. This will guarantee you that you will be able to use a car which meets your requirements fully during your stay. All major car rental services have a website supporting online bookings.

What types of cars can you rent in Pakistan? When you use a reliable service with strong reputation, you can expect all vehicles to be under 10 years of age. You can choose from sedans, coupes, SUVs and even vans in some cases. There are luxury vehicles too. It is worth noting that the cars are mostly from Asian and European brands such as Honda, Toyota, Suzuki and Mercedes Benz and BMW.

Costs and Payments

The price which you will pay for renting a car in Pakistan depends on the type of vehicle that you hire and the term of the hire. There are extra charges for specialty services such as having the car delivered directly to the place where you will stay. The cost of insurance is also added to the total price. Before you travel to the country, you should check whether your auto insurance at home extends or can be extended to this country. You may also want to enquire if your international credit card comes with car insurance coverage which is valid in the country.

Check when and how you are expected to pay when you rent a car in Pakistan. Most companies require a deposit and a few will only accept a cash deposit in the local currency, Pakistani Rupee. Ideally, you will be able to pay both the deposit and the remainder of the total cost via a credit card.

Use one of the most reputable local services to rent a car in Islamabad. Visit rent a car in Islamabad SUVs and vans from popular and luxury brands at awesome rental prices.

Sometimes the ground is not even; the materials been transported may have awkward shapes or are very large, making it difficult to be transported by hand. The solution to all of these problems is platform trucks. These are hand trucks made of flat sheet of metal, with wheels at the base and a handle at the back so that someone can stand at the back and push it. So what are the benefits of platform trucks?


Most high quality platform trucks are made of one piece steel frame making it strong and reliable to carry any type of loads, no matter how heavy they are. Some trucks have rubber at the top of the flat sheet that is useful in keeping objects in place during movement. Most of them have wheels that can easily swivel, so that it can be easy for the operators to turn the truck in corners.

A breaking system that is similar to the ones used in trolleys at the airport make it very easy for a platform truck to be operated with high safety. You also have numerous wheel options and casters to serve peculiar purposes. Anti- static casters and air filled casters can be fitted in other to provide safety in places of static electricity and uneven surfaces respectively. Platform trucks can be finished and constructed so it can serve diverse uses and purposes. Sides made of metal, steel and wood can be added to make it suitable for transporting fragile goods, while cradles or cages can be included so it will be easier for carrying drums or bottle kegs.

Uses of platform truck

Platform trucks are used in schools, hospitals, libraries and offices. In schools, teachers use them to transport audio visual objects from one spot to another, while nurses use them to transport food and drugs to patient in their wards. Librarian use them to make book shelving less difficult, while employees attached to the mail room use them make fast and easy distribution of correspondence. Also, caterers and restaurants use them to transport stuffs from one spot to the other.

In retails stores, employees use the trucks with multi-level shelves to transport merchandise from warehouse straight to the sales floor. They are also used to unload goods from cargo trucks into the warehouse or stores. Apart from stores, they are also found in gardens, large shops and factories. Plants can be moved easily to prevent them from getting damaged; heavy factory equipment are transported much swiftly with less effort; while fragile electronics like washing machines, TV sets and kitchen appliances can be moved around large shops and dragged to the customer’s vehicle without any problems. Ensure that you purchase a high quality platform trucks so it will serve you for a very long time.

We all need to be able to get a hold of car parts at one time or another. Whether you work on your own car or you are a professional mechanic, it is essential to be able to get a hold of the parts that you need when you need them. Of course, brand new car parts can end up being rather expensive, and that is why it is usually a good idea to look for used or re-engineered car parts in order to save a little bit of money. The benefit of using re-engineered car parts is the fact that you will not only be able to get them at a discounted price, but they will also likely be of a better quality than your typical used car parts because of the fact that they have been re-engineered.

If you are a professional mechanic, then you always want to be sure that you give your customers the best quality service at the lowest possible price. This means that whatever parts are needed in order for you to be able to fix your car, you need to be able to find affordable prices for your customers. They are already paying you for your labor, and so adding expensive parts on top of their bill will just cause them an even bigger hassle. Because you care about your customers and you want them to return to you whenever they need help with their cars, it is essential that you do whatever you can in order to provide them with the lowest possible rates.

Of course, if you give them cheap service with cheap parts and they end up continuing to have problems, they are also not likely to return to you for service on their car if they feel as though you did not do a good job or you installed faulty parts on their car. This is why re-engineered car parts are the best of both worlds. You can not only provide excellent prices to your customers in order to undercut the competition, but you can also give them high quality parts so that they will be set for a long time. The less a customer has to go back to a mechanic, the more likely they will be to trust the mechanic.

If you run your own shop, or if you just work on cars in your spare time for a little extra money, being able to provide high quality, affordable parts to your customers is essential to gaining returning business. Even if you just work on your own vehicles, being able to save money on good parts is definitely a plus. The best thing that one can do is to search the internet in order to find the best quality at the most affordable prices. If you can do that, both you and your customers will end up being happy. After all, any business is about providing the best services that you possibly can.

Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, and world’s second best city to drive in. It is made of high-quality roads, a network of highways that are managed by RTA (Roads and Transport Authority). One of the finest roads in the world is located in Dubai “Father Sheikh Zayed Road”. Ideal city to be discovered by a rental car.

While there, you can sense the Jumeirah Beach Park, Burj Khalifa, or maybe Dubai Zoo. Stroll through the spice market where you can feel the oriental environment. In order to explore this unique town on your own, a good idea is to rent a car.

Where can you rent a car most reliably in Dubai?

At the Airport, not just because of the agreeable offers, good parking facilities and an extensive fleet of vehicles, but because of extended working hours, that can be especially useful if you arrive or depart late in the evening. Distance from Dubai International airport is 14.2 km, from Dubai World Central is 51.7 km, and from Sharjah International Airpot is 13 km.

What are the required documents for renting a car in Dubai?

To rent a vehicle in Dubai one is required to provide a proper Driving Licence, original Photo ID and their Credit Card (to reserve a deposit).

Additionally, some will need International Driving Permit, as well.

Accepted credit cards: American Express, MasterCard (not debit), Diners Club, Visa (not debit). The credit card that is used must belong to the primary driver.

Is there an age limit for renting a car in Dubai?

Age limit for renting a car is 21 unless it is a 4WD car, then the age limit is 25.

What about the insurance?

As in all other countries, it is advised that you should always go for the collision damage waiver insurance which covers costs in case of an accident, damage or theft. In addition, the highest possible liability coverage is recommended. If you plan to travel outside of Dubai, then additional windscreen or tire insurance should be considered.

Where can I find free parking for my rental car in Dubai?

Dubai has plenty of free parking areas. Mainly in the area between the Al Baraha Hospital and the Al Wasl District. You will hardly have a problem finding a safe spot for your rental car as most accommodations and shopping centers have an abundance of parking areas that you can use, either for free or for a fee.

How fast can I drive my rental car in Dubai?

One might think that there are places where Dubai drivers are allowed to accelerate. But, this is not accurate, any speeding at all is most certainly unwelcome in Dubai. Therefore, maximum speed in urban areas is 50-80 km/h and outside urban areas is 100-120 km/h.

That being said it is pretty easy to enjoy sightseeing in Dubai with a rental car. With attractions such as the city’s landmarks, the world’s tallest skyscraper, and an artificial archipelago. In the end, do not forget to visit the desert! Because what would a holiday in Dubai be without that astonishing desert landscape.

You can make money buying and selling cars by either being a boss or a sales representative or both.

If you want to be your own boss in car flipping, you are going to bear the risk of investment. With time, you can evolve to be a full-time used cars dealer. You can also do the deal the way you want. You can enjoy the entire profits that you get for your time and efforts.

Being a sales representative for a dealer, you will make profits without risk; however, you cannot be sure if you will get lot of profits in proportion to the time and effort you invest in the selling. However, since you are working risk free, you need not fear unbearable loss.

Goal Setting 
Without a per month monetary goal, you are not going to get any incentive. If you need $1000 to $5000 profits, perhaps you have to flip just one or a couple cars; however, if you are looking for higher profits you should deal with more cars. The more profits you need, the more you should work.

Boost Your Profit as a Salesman
You can still make a lot of money being a sales representative. Develop business relationship with lot of car dealers. By relating to lot of dealers, you have more cars for continual business. In fact, you will have access to more number of cars than an average car dealer will.

If you are good at selling cars to the end buyer who wants to own and use a car, you can definitely make lot of money selling cars.

You can indeed make the amount of profit an average boss would make in a month, by routing up the time and energy a boss would spend in sourcing and repairing, in selling. You are going to focus on selling without being worried about souring and repairing.

You need to know what you are giving to the buyer to develop reputation. Reputation is very important for a sales representative. Therefore, you should be in good rapport with the dealer to the extent that he will let you know the actual status of the car in terms of repair, worthiness and cost.

Of course, to make real good money you should be able to interpret if the dealer is telling you the real thing. You never make good money out of fabricated information.

Boost Your Profit as a Boss 
You should be excellent in procurement and management to be a boss. You should know how to make a sell-worthy buy of a car. You should have someone or a team to repair the car to put up the vehicle for sale as quick.

You can sell the car yourself or you should have a trusted team of sales representatives, who understand the importance of making money without taking risks themselves and those who value the risk you take as a boss in claiming the profit you are looking for.

In The End,
Quality is an evergreen concern; however, low price for the good quality that one gets is something that pushes the buyer to decide on the purchase. Anyone should pay enough for the worthiness and you cannot undersell. Low price used cars are attractive and they speed up the profitability to make money buying and selling cars.