You can make money buying and selling cars by either being a boss or a sales representative or both.

If you want to be your own boss in car flipping, you are going to bear the risk of investment. With time, you can evolve to be a full-time used cars dealer. You can also do the deal the way you want. You can enjoy the entire profits that you get for your time and efforts.

Being a sales representative for a dealer, you will make profits without risk; however, you cannot be sure if you will get lot of profits in proportion to the time and effort you invest in the selling. However, since you are working risk free, you need not fear unbearable loss.

Goal Setting 
Without a per month monetary goal, you are not going to get any incentive. If you need $1000 to $5000 profits, perhaps you have to flip just one or a couple cars; however, if you are looking for higher profits you should deal with more cars. The more profits you need, the more you should work.

Boost Your Profit as a Salesman
You can still make a lot of money being a sales representative. Develop business relationship with lot of car dealers. By relating to lot of dealers, you have more cars for continual business. In fact, you will have access to more number of cars than an average car dealer will.

If you are good at selling cars to the end buyer who wants to own and use a car, you can definitely make lot of money selling cars.

You can indeed make the amount of profit an average boss would make in a month, by routing up the time and energy a boss would spend in sourcing and repairing, in selling. You are going to focus on selling without being worried about souring and repairing.

You need to know what you are giving to the buyer to develop reputation. Reputation is very important for a sales representative. Therefore, you should be in good rapport with the dealer to the extent that he will let you know the actual status of the car in terms of repair, worthiness and cost.

Of course, to make real good money you should be able to interpret if the dealer is telling you the real thing. You never make good money out of fabricated information.

Boost Your Profit as a Boss 
You should be excellent in procurement and management to be a boss. You should know how to make a sell-worthy buy of a car. You should have someone or a team to repair the car to put up the vehicle for sale as quick.

You can sell the car yourself or you should have a trusted team of sales representatives, who understand the importance of making money without taking risks themselves and those who value the risk you take as a boss in claiming the profit you are looking for.

In The End,
Quality is an evergreen concern; however, low price for the good quality that one gets is something that pushes the buyer to decide on the purchase. Anyone should pay enough for the worthiness and you cannot undersell. Low price used cars are attractive and they speed up the profitability to make money buying and selling cars.


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